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The Directors’ Fortnight, La Semaine de la Critique and the ACID join the Cannes Film Festival in expressing their solidarity for the Ukranian people, fighting today for their freedom.

We reiterate our ongoing support for the artists, filmmakers, critics, film industry professionals, audiences, and all the men and women whose lives are in danger and upended by the turmoil of war.

Our thoughts also go out to those in Russia who put themselves at risk to protest against the deadly invasion imposed by their government.

We stand by the Cannes Film Festival in refusing all official delegations and government representatives from Russia.

Ever since their creation, the parallel sections of the Cannes Film Festival have welcomed dissident artists, persecuted in their home countries. We have always endeavored to share their voices and images with audiences from around the world.

We will continue to do so freely as we strive to keep the spirit of resistance alive, in all its forms and colors.

We will continue to receive and consider films from all filmmakers regardless of their nationality.

The teams of Directors’ Fortnight, La Semaine de la Critique and ACID