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Leon Hirszman, one of Brazil’s best-known film directors, died of acquired immune deficiency syndrome at the age of 49.
Mr. Hirszman directed the 1967 film »Garota de Ipanema » ( »The Girl From Ipanema »), which he once described as »my only film made to make money. »
Born in Rio de Janeiro on Nov. 22, 1937, Mr. Hirszman left Brazil in 1974 at a time of increasing political repression, to live in Chile for two years.
Mr. Hirszman won an award at the Venice Film Festival in 1981 with his film »Eles Nao Usam Black Tie » ( »They Don’t Wear Black Tie »). The film was chosen as »best picture of the year » in Brazil and Mr. Hirszman was also named as best director.
His first major film, »A Falecida » ( »The Deceased »), won a special jury award at the International Film Festival of Rio de Janeiro in 1965. In 1970, he directed »Sao Bernardo, » which is considered a classic in Brazil. His last film, »Imagens do Inconsciente » ( »Images of the Unconscious ») is to be released in Brazil in November.


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