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Accreditations open on April 8th and closes on April 29th. 


Accreditations can be picked up on site, at the Directors' Fortnight offices' entrance :

La Malmaison - 47, la Croisette - 06400 Cannes


Accreditation Department +33 1 44 89 99 99


Who can apply for a Directors’ Fortnight accreditation?

You don’t need a Directors’ Fortnight accreditation if you are already accredited by the Cannes Film Festival, by the Film Market or if you have a press accreditation. All these accreditations provide access, under the same conditions as the Fortnight badge, to screenings at the Theatre Croisette (JW.Marriott) and the Arcades cinema.


The applicant must be a motion picture professional associated to the current Directors’ Fortnight edition and belong to one of the following categories:

Director/film crew member

The applicant may also be linked to art and cultural institutions, as well as being a member of Press.


Note: Applications may be unsuccessful. Accreditations are not renewable from one edition to the other.

Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

Accreditations aren’t tacitly renewable for the next year.

Accreditations are free and strictly personal. 


Accredited individuals must agree to follow the general guidelines as well as the health protocol in place.