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Sarah Kernochan (born December 30, 1947) is an American film director, screenwriter and producer.
She was born in New York City.
She first gained prominence as co-director and co-producer with Howard Smith of the 1972 film Marjoe (about evangelist Marjoe Gortner), which won an Academy Award for Documentary Feature. Her second documentary, Thoth, also won an Academy Award in 2002, this time for Best Documentary Short.
During the next two years, she released two albums on RCA Records as a singer-songwriter, House of Pain and Beat Around the Bush.
Since then, she has been primarily a screenwriter:
* wrote the novel Dry Hustle (Morrow, 1977);
* wrote and directed The Hairy Bird (1998);
* wrote Dancers (1987);
* wrote Impromptu (1991);
* co wrote the screenplay for Sommersby (1993);
* helped rewrite 9½ Weeks (1986),
* wrote the story for What Lies Beneath (2000); and
* directed Thoth (2002).
She is married to writer/director James Lapine