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Yoichi Takabayashi is a director, cinematographer, screenwriter and editor. He was born, in Nishizin, Kyoto, Japan. He has directed movies such as « Irezumi », « Akai scandal: joji », and « Kura no naka ». As an actor, he has also been seen in « Toki o kakeru shôjo ».

He is the pioneer of Japanese experimental and independent film. One of his early works, “Ishikkoro”, made a great impact on avant-garde filmmakers; he won the Gold Prize at the Monticatini International Amateur Film Festival and the Silver Prize at the Salerno International Film Festival in Italy. His commercial success flourished in the 70’s with major films like: “Gaki Zoshi”, Grand Prize, International Filmfestival Mannheim- Heidelberg/International Critics’ Week at Cannes Film Festival, “Murder in Honjin Manor House”, Berlin International Film Festival, including “Temple of the Golden Pavilion”, Japanese Ministry of Culture Excellence Award/Minister of Education Newcomers’ Award for Fine Arts. A recent work was “Hate-eno-Tabi”.


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