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The Directors’ Factory project

Directors’ Fortnight wishes to encourage new cinematographic languages and forms.  Since 2013, under the umbrella of Directors’ Fortnight, the Factory aims at the emergence of new talents on the international scene. Each year, with the support of a new partner country, the Factory mentors 8 budding filmmakers with ambitious first or second feature projects to co-write and co-direct, in pairs, a total of 4 short films to be screened at the Fortnight in May.

Directors’ Factory 2024: the Philippines in the spotlight

After its first edition in 2013 in Taiwan, Directors' Factory is more than happy to head back to Asia in 2024 in the Philippines. The four couples who were chosen in Manila in October are:

- Eve Baswel (Philippines) & Gogularaajan Rajendran (Malaysia)

- Maria Estela Paiso (Philippines) & Ashok Vish (India)

- Arvin Belarmino (Philippines) & Lomorpich Rithy (aka. YoKi) (Cambodia)

- Don Josephus Raphael Eblahan (Philippines) & Siyou Tan (Singapore)

The program is co-produced by Epicmedia Productions Inc. (Philippines) and Dominique Welinski, founder, and curator, DW (France), with the support of Dakak Resort, City Government of Dapitan, Quezon City Film Commission, Qcinema, Anima Studios of Kroma Entertainment and CMB Film Services, in the Philippines; and Cineli Digital in France. The four short films will be shot in March 2024 in Dapitan, Philippines under the mentoring of Lav Diaz, 2024 Directors' Factory godfather.