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Party Line Up

Dengue Dengue Dengue

Dengue Dengue Dengue is a Tropical Bass duo made up of Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira, two producers, DJ’s and graphic artists from Lima. The duo takes rhythms originating in Peru and elsewhere and recreates them electronically, mixing old and new, analogue and digital, creating unique sound and visuals. Their musical explorations meander from psychedelic cumbia to dub, to salsa and footwork, tribal and techno. Their visual and sonic palette is continually growing and adding new flavours to the mix.

Born in 2010, Dengue Dengue Dengue gained instant recognition for their brilliant audiovisual shows. They also remix and mashup their own songs with older cumbia, transforming cult themes from cumbia into electronic versions, all of it accompanied by astounding visuals and their ubiquitous masks.

In early 2011, they began putting out their own productions on some of the most important specialised blogs and platforms of the milieu in the US, UK and Europe. Their sound took off and they started playing multiple festivals in Peru, and then producing TOMA ! sessions with the “Auxiliar” Collective. These sessions helped consolidate the growing Tropical Bass movement in Lima, by inviting musicians and DJ’s of different vistas to come and share their music and ideas.

In 2012, they launched their first album, titled La Alianza Profana and their first video for the single Simiolo. The album and the video, distributed by Peruvian label Auxiliar, was received with unprecedented enthusiasm by the press and public both nationally and internationally, with the album capturing the attention notably of Chusma Records of Berlin, which re-released it in 2013 in Europe, then in Asia and Australia. That same year, they appeared at NOVA Art Festival in São Paulo, Brazil, and the third Latin American biennale of design in Madrid.

2013 was the year they really took off: starting with a grand tour in Mexico in June, an extraordinary tour of Europe that went on for two months, appearing in cities like Berlin, Vienna, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Stockholm. In July, Chusma Records brought out their EP Simiolo Remixes, while Enchufada Records launched Lockumbia for the series Upper Cuts, which showcased yet another new facet of Dengue Dengue Dengue’s sound.

By 2014, DDD’s sound had matured and developed in an even more vast spectrum of sonorities, incorporating elements not only from Peru, but also from other traditional cultures and music. While touring Europe, Asia and the Americas, they were also collecting sounds and ideas.

The duo released the EP Serpiente Dorada on the Buraka Som Sistema label of Enchufada Records with six new titles, bringing their music to a new level. They went on a mega world tour including three European tours (42 performances) plus Cuba, Japan, Argentina, Chile, China, Brazil and Colombia, among others. They played some of the most famed festivals like Roskilde, Dour, Paleo and a special concert at SONAR Festival Dome, which Xlr8r called one of the best performances of the festival. They were also invited by the Red Bull Music Academy to give a conference on their academic sessions in Tokyo.

In 2016, Dengue Dengue Dengue brought out a second album Siete Raices on Enchufada Records, accompanied by a new video by Mikael Stornfelt, who is also the brains behind clips for Simiolo and Chichon. The same year, they were commissioned by the legendary salsa label Fania Records to remix its classics for its anniversary compilation. They also recorded a track for the Greenpeace / Rhythm and Roots Label Project, a compilation of musics inspired by birdsong. 2016 was also an intensive touring year in Latin America, Europe and the US.

2017 was a turning point for the group as they took on a new European tour, notably hitting the famous Vieilles Charrues festival in Carhaix, France. In 2018 DDD was off on yet another world tour of 15 countries and three continents. On top of that, they released three new EP’s: Son de los Diablos, Carnival Dubplate and Semillero.

Dengue Dengue Dengue is keeping up the pace in 2019 with another all-Europe tour, backed up onstage for the first time by the hot Afro-Peruvian percussionists, Ballumbrosio Brothers.

Xique’ Xique

Xique’ Xique is a DJ & music producer Dunwich & Biba Graeff a slow bpm project from São Paulo (Brazil), inspired and influenced by the VOODOOHOP collective, and somehow perfectly picturing the boiling alternative scene of São Paulo. Expect some deep grooves, hypnotic melodies and organic rhythms… Dunwich is a French experienced DJ and music producer, professional since 2000, with a proper solo career built on a wide musical culture while Biba Graeff is a Brazilian music producer and selector from Porto Alegre who used to be the keyboard and pianist of the late Brazilian genius Jupiter Apple, and who is actually singer and producer of the Anvil FXduo, signed on Daft Records and Noise Democracy Records

Supported and playlisted by: Nicola Cruz, Blond:sh, Eric Duncan, Pillow Talk, Dixon,Axel Boman, Dave Harvey, Wolf and Lamb, Optimo, Noema, Jacob Groening, Crussen,Carrot Green, Selvagem, Oceanvs Orientalis & many more.

Pedro Winter

Born in Paris in 1975, Pedro Winter is a French music producer and DJ (Busy P), and an emblematic figure of the world electronic music scene. He received the French medal of honour for Arts and Letters (Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres) in 2016. Growing up in the midst of alternatives culture – Skateboard, Heavy Metal and Hip Hop – he discovered raves and electro in the early 90’s, notably with What Is Love by Deee-Lite. A fan of Kraftwerk, Led Zeppelin and Run DMC, he made a mix of these genres his signature. Soon he was mixing in Paris clubs like Folie’s in Pigalle, and the Palace.

Between 1996 et 2008, he was Daft Punk’s right-hand man and manager, learning everything about making and producing music.

From 1998 to 2011, he was tight with Dj Mehdi, travelling the world with him, producing his records and an integral part of the career of a genius gone too soon.

In 2003, Winter created Ed Banger Records and launched the careers of Justice, SebastiAn, Breakbot and Uffie. Dj Mehdi, Cassius and Mr Oizo joined the label early on.

Pedro Winter and his artists shone a dazzling light on France on the world stage. For 25 years he’s been a stormtrooper for French electronic music. In 2012, The New York Times dubbed him “the godfather of French Touch”.

In 2018, he turned his outsize talent to the conception and artistic direction of events, with his new company Pedro’s Boutique.


Loon is a visual artist who had the luck to work with [and learn from] painters, journalists, DOP, poets, musicians, graphic designers, activists, web developers, philosophers. He uses this diagonal capital of scapes to build unconventional approaches to the metaphoric and symbolic level of subjects. In his artistic career he worked [among various] with Audiofly, Kiasmos, Nicola Cruz.

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