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4 Avril 1968

Quinzaine 2014 | Short film | 20 min

Sabine is seven and lives with her aunt in the countryside in Guadaloupe. As she leaves home in her pretty dress and newly braided hair, she has no idea that on this particular day, April 4TH 1968, she won’t be going to school.

Artistic & technical sheet

Anais Moffen
Aude Legastelois
Gary Carr
Jacqueline Etienne
Léanne Etienne
Nathalie Laul

Myriam Gharbi

Dominique Colin

Nassim El Mounabbih

David Bensaïd

Set decoration
Maxime Ronel

Production :
Casanostra Production
2, rue Malus
75005 Paris – France
Tél : +33 6 88 56 69 62

Coproduction :
Daisy Day Films (France)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
Casanostra Production

Distribution :
Casanostra Production


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