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71 Fragmente einer Chronologie des Zufalls

Quinzaine 1994 | Feature film | 1 h 35

1993 Christmas’ eve. A 19-year-old student kills several people he did not know at all with no apparent motive. What was common to the murderer and his victims? “ my task was to establish a structure of questions, to avoid providing answers, and in doing so to enable a variety of conflicting interpretations. Please do allow me not to go against these premises by giving descriptions in a résumé which can also be interpreted. This movie is the last part of a trilogy, whose subject is my country’s emotional glaciation. The trilogy’s motto is a sentence from Pascal : “Vous êtes embarqués”. (Michael Haneke).

Artistic & technical sheet

Anna Bennent
Branko Samarovski
Gabriel Cosmin Urdes
Lukas Miko
Otto Grünmandl
Udo Samel

Michael Haneke

Christian Berger

Marc Parisotto

Maria Homolkova

J. S. Bach

Set decoration
Christoph Kanter

Production : Wega Film Produktion GmBh, Vienne Autriche Vente à l'Etranger : Christa Saredi World Sales, Zurich, Suisse Distribution : Les Films du Paradoxe, Bois Colombes, France


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