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A Married Couple

Quinzaine 1970 | Feature film | 97'

n this classic exploration of marriage in conflict, Billy and Antoinette Edwards, their son Bogart and dog, Merton spontaneously live out their lives and laughter, tears, wit, tenderness, fierce anger, patience, pain and sorrow ensue. Hoping to discover the heart of the trouble in their marriage in order to save it, BIlly and Antoniette offer up their day to day lives with antonishing bravery. Audiences project themselves into the couple, judging, loving or hating either or both. Many thought the marriage was doomed but it continued for another decade, producing a daughter, Amadea. All have had successful, normal lives.


Allan King

Artistic & technical sheet

Antoinette Edwards
Billy Edwards
Bogart Edwards

Richard Leitermann

Christian Wangler

Arla Saare

Avec une Eclair 16mm 46000m d'Ektachorme représentant 70 heures de projection, Allan King et Arla Saare en on tiré un film de 97 minutes qui a été ensuite gonflé en 35 mm par Technicolor (GB).
Prod. Allan King Associates
11 Hazelton Avenue
Toronto 5


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