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A Nous Deux, France

Quinzaine 1970 | Feature film | 70'

Africans that have emigrated to Paris try to adapt to their new surroundings in this situation comedy and social satire. A black man with a white wife and a black mistress wears fancy attire for show even though he is penniless. Women answer the phone and willingly talk to strangers without asking who they are. The two cultures collide as blacks feel superior to whites in an attempt fit in to their new environment. Blues great Memphis Slim provides the music for the film

Artistic & technical sheet

Fabienne Fabre
Fr Layne
Guy Davout
P. Garnier

Désiré Ecaré

Prod. Désiré Ecaré Films de la Lagune B.P.6547 Abidjan et Argos Films 4, av. E Nortier Neuilly


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