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Dans la tête un orage

A Storm Inside

Quinzaine 2023 | Short film | 24 min | France
World premiere

An afternoon at the end of summer in a Calais suburb, in the northernmost part of France. Children and teenagers kill time at the foot of towerblocks. Their faces are often silent, already sometimes drawn or worried. Around them, large areas of sky and wild grass.

Artistic & technical sheet


Kyllianna Beugniet (Kyllianna), Milan Goudal (Milan), Cybellia Tassart (Cybellia)

Clément Pérot, Margaux Dieudonné

Juliette Barrat

Adriano Cerone, Renaud Bajeux, Tristan Lhomme

Félix Rehm, Charles Claudon

Jonas Films (France)
Elsa Klughertz

Album Dans la tête un orage

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