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Allende mi abuelo Allende

Quinzaine 2015 | Feature film | 1h37

Marcia wishes to change the family costume of not speaking about their tragic past. 35 years after the coup d’État that overthrew her grandfather, Salvador Allende, the first democratically elected socialist president, she believes that it’s time to recover the family memories and images of their daily life, snatched away during the coup. An intimate past unknown to her, buried under Allende’s political transcendence, exile and family pain. Using a warm yet sharp view, Marcia tries to decipher silence sustained during decades. An honest family portrait without grandiloquence that addresses the complexities of irreparable losses and the role of memory in three generations of a wounded family.

Artistic & technical sheet

Paola Castillo, Bruni Burres, Valeria Vargas, Marcia Tambutti A.

David Bravo, Eduardo Cruz Coke, Daniel Dávila

Roberto Espinoza, Cristián Larrea, Juan Pablo Manríquez

Titi Viera Gallo, Coti Donoso

Leonardo Heiblum, Jacobo Lieberman

Production :
Avenida Suecia 2454
7511169 Santiago – Chili
+56 2 209 2628

Coproduction :
Martfilms (Mexique)
Fragua Cine (Mexique)

Ventes / Foreign sales :
Doc and Film International
T: +33 1 42 77 56 87 / +33 6 77 91 37 97

Bodega Films
+33 1 42 24 06 49

Presse nationale et internationale / National and international press
Chloé Lorenzi - Makna press
+33 6 08 16 60 26

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