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Quinzaine 1994 | Feature film | 1 h 45

Isabelle, an ex-nun who believes that God has an as yet unspecified mission set aside for her, keeps herself fed by writing short stories for a pornographic magazine. One day, she meets Thomas, a confused but insightful amnesiac wandering the streets of New york City. When they set out to discover Thomas’s past, Isabelle suspects that it’s somehow linked with a desparate young porn actress, Sofia. Before long, Isabelle, Thomas and Sofia are being pursued by blood thirsty corporate assassins, who desperatly want to kill Thomas. Unable to remember his own unsavoury criminal past, Thomas commits himself to saving Sofia and, of course, Isabelle with whom he is now hopelessly in love.

Artistic & technical sheet

Chuck Montgomery
Damian Young
David Simonds
Elina Löwensohn
Isabelle Huppert
Martin Donovan

Hal Hartley

Michael Spiller

Jeff Pullman

Steven Hamilton

Jeff Taylor et Ned Rifle

Set decoration
Steve Rosenzweig

Production : True Fiction Pictures, New York, USA Vente à l'étranger : UGC DA International, Neuilly, France Distribution : Diaphana, Paris, France


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