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Athenes, Ville Sourire

Quinzaine 1969 | Short film

The director records, through the personal story of two young people in Athens of 1966, the influence of Greek politics of the last decade (1957-1967) both on Greek people and the country as a whole. This is the second short film of Lampros Liaropoulos after the “Letter from Charleroi” (1965). In 1976 he directs the feature film “The Other Letter” a film, largely autobiographical, an exquisite commentary on the crucial decade 1965-1975. The camera records images of current everyday life, while the director’s two previous short films, “Letter from Charleroi” and “ Athens , a smiling city” are also included to create a cohesive totality. This totality comprises the content of the “other letter”, which features a personal relationship, that of the director with the storm-tossed country and its people.

Artistic & technical sheet