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Quinzaine 1998 | Feature film | 1 h 52

margaret is a single mother in her early thirties, living in suburban Toronto. Having “fallen” from her middle class upbringing, she supports herself working in a laundromat and her world seems largely circumscribed by partying and bringing home a series of mate. One such man is Jim, ten years her junior. Quiet and unexperienced, but with an undercurrent of anger and violence, Jim is bowled over by her voracious sexuality and soon moves in with her. With the possibility of a stable relationship, Margaret wants her troubled thirteen-year-old daughter Lisa to move back with the two of them. For a while, it seems as though things might work out, but the tensions between different sides of the triangle soon begin to escalate. It becomes clear that there is only one way out of this impossible situation.


Elisabeth Rosen
Jame Gallander
Leonore Zann
Richard Mc Millan
Shawn Doyle
William Dunlop


Jack BlumSharon Corder

Harald Bachmann

Benito Amaro

George Roulston

Donald Quan

Set decoration
Ingrid Jurik

PRODUCTION : Stable Film Inc. 80 Spadina Avenue, Suite 507, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V2J3 Tél. : (1-416) 504 39 92 Fax : (1-416) 504 85 00 VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Alliance International 121 Bloor Street East, Suite 1400, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Tél. : (1-416) 967 11 74 Fax : (1-416) 967 43 58