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Bartleby 1970

Quinzaine 1970 | Short film | 24'

Adapted from Herman Melville’s short story, the  film features John McEnery in the title role. A secretive, solitary lad, Bartleby works as a clerk in the accounting office of Paul Scofield. Unable to deal with Bartleby’s eccentricities, Scofield fires the clerk. But Bartleby refuses to leave, and shows up each day for work at the proper time. Only when the young man is carted away to hospital does Scofield find any peace of mind-but even then, the spectre of Bartleby looms large over the proceedings.

Artistic & technical sheet

D'après la nouvelle d'Herman Melville

Prod. Alcinter 76, Champs Elysées Paris 8e


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