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Bhuvan Shome

Quinzaine 1970 | Feature film | 1h35

Bhuvan Shome is a lonely widower, a proud old man and a strict disciplinarian. Looking back on the trodden path, strewn with staunch determination and drab attitudes, Bhuvan Shome, a throughtly unenchanted man, seeks escape in a holiday. Off to duck shooting in Gujarat, Bhuvan Shome little ralises that the rejuvenation adventure would hurl him into a world so apart that he would find it the most joyful experience in his life. His new world consists of simple, uninitiated village folks, a bullock-cart drive, marauding buffalo and Gouri. In Gouri, Bhuvan Shome finds a fresh, throbbing pulse in a dying world. And suddenly everything lights up, perhaps heightening his sense of isolation, in his new found joy.


Amitabh Bachchan
Punya Das
Rochak Pandit
Sadhu Meher
Shekhar Chatterpe
Suhasimi Mulay
Utpal Dutt


Badrinath Banaphool

Prod. Mrinal Sen Productions 6/33 Tardeo Airconditioned Market Tardeo Road Bombay 34