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Boli shaonu

Quinzaine 2001 | Feature film | 1h34

A street-kid, a retired policeman from Mainland China, a dysfunctional family, drugs, the triad… and a missing girl. This is a tale of… well, growing up. 
The story starts when Wu, a lonely retired policeman, comes to the busy Hong Kong island to search for his missing granddaughter, Ah Cho. For the purpose of his search, Wu encounters P, a street-kid who initially rebuffs Wu just like any 16 year-old would rebels against the older generation. Unfortunately, there is no escape from the apparently omnipresent Wu. It takes a few adventitious incidents for P to soften up. P’s boyfriend, Tofu, joins in their search but also brings many unwanted incidents, such as the triad and drugs… 
 « My teaching experience at a special institute had a tremendous impact on my notion of growing up. I was dealing with teenagers who had been categorised « problematic » but who were basically neglected children. (…) This has inspired me to write a story about a 16 year-old teenage girl dealing with growing up, a transient state of being at the same time a child and an adult. This resembles glass, it is cold and brittle ; you seem to be able to see through it, yet you feel trapped and isolated. This concept also had its influence on my choice of colour scheme, cinematography and even the cast. » (Lai Miu-suet)

Artistic & technical sheet

Carrie Ng
Chui Tien-you
Law Lit
Tats Lau
Zeny Kwok

Lai Miu-suet, Lui Hok-cheung

Cheung Tung-leung

Lam Tim

Danny Pang, Lai Miu-suet

Oakey, Arion@people mountain people sea

Set decoration
Albert Poon Yick-sum

Production :
Joe Ma
indies productions
Kwong Lung House # 3709
Kwong Ming Court Tseung Kwan O
Hong Kong, Chine
tél. : (852) 2817 0454
fax : (852) 2817 1575 

Brilliant Idea Group (Hong Kong) 

Vente à l'étranger :
Meih Ah Film Production Company
15-28, 17/F, Metro Centre
Phase 1, 32 lam Hing St. Kowloon Bay
Kowloon, Hong Kong, Chine
tél. : (852) 2754 2855
fax : (852) 2799 3643 

Presse française :
Thierry Lenouvel
Ciné-Sud Promotion
tél. : 33 (0)1 44 54 54 77
fax : 33 (0)1 44 54 05 02 

Presse internationale :
Ginger Corbett
Corbett & Keene
tél. : (44 207) 494 3478
fax : (44 207) 734 2024


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