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Quinzaine 1997 | Feature film | 1 h 37

The time is early 19th century, the place, the African continent deep in the loop of the river Niger. Buud-Yam is the story of a young man named Wend-Kuuni, who sets off on an unpredictable journey in search of a healer to treat his sister Pughneere, who is stricken with an unknow illness. In the manner of a folk tale, the film deals primarily with childhood, youth and a certain quest for identity. But, beyond that, it tackles the big questions of life, those that make or undo the world and mankind : the acceptance of those different from oneself, tolerance and dialogue, or the fear of others, distrust, intolerance and exclusion.

Artistic & technical sheet

Amssatou Maïga
Serge Yanogo
Séverine Oueddouda

Gaston J-M Kaboré

Jean-Noël Ferragut

Daniel Ollivier

Didier RanzMarie-Jeanne Kanyala

Michel Portal

Set decoration
Joseph Kpobly

PRODUCTION : Cinecom Production 01 BP 2731 Ouagadougou, burkina Faso Tél. : (226) 31 36 23 Fax : (226) 31 36 24 Caroline Production VENTES A L’ETRANGER : Mainstream 34, rue Poncelet 75017 Paris Tél. : 01 44 40 05 55 Fax : 01 47 63 07 62


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