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Christmas Eve in Miller's Point

Quinzaine 2024 | Feature film | 106 min | United States of America
World premiere

An iridescent Christmas bauble, at once comforting and melancholic: for his third feature, Tyler Taormina films
a Christmas’s Eve get-together for the members of an eccentric Italian-American family. As the night wears on and generational tensions arise, one of the teenagers sneaks out with her friend to claim the wintry suburb for her own. Producer and actor Michael Cera plays an unlikely policeman straight out of Superbad or Twin Peaks. Francesca Scorsese
and Sawyer Spielberg will also be in attendance.

Artistic & technical sheet


Matilda Fleming (Emily), Michael Cera (Officer Gibson), Francesca Scorsese (Michelle), Gregg Turkington (Sergeant Brooks), Elsie Fisher (Lynn), Sawyer Spielberg (Splint), Maria Dizzia (Kathleen)


Tyler Taormina, Eric Berger


Tyler Taormina (Sound Designer), Aidan Reynolds (Re-Recording Mixer)

Production design

Paris Peterson


Carson Lund


Kevin Anton


Omnes Films (États-Unis)
Michael Cera, Krista Minto, Tyler Taormina, David Croley Broyles, Duncan Sullivan
+1 631-806-6316  

Press France & International

Makna Presse
Chloé Lorenzi
Marie-Lou Duvauchelle
+ 33 6 71 74 98 30 (France) (International)

International sales

Lorna Lee Torres 
Austin Kennedy  

Press USA

Fusion Entertainment
Emma Myers 

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