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Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 105 min | Belgium, France, Luxembourg
World premiere

Guardian of the underworld, Cerberus still has a muzzle but here he is called Rainer and has the breasts and the voice of a woman, wears a studded black leather jacket, and a flash camera fit for the paparazzi. Talking to us from the great beyond, he details the successive reincarnations of Conann the Barbarian, a bloodthirsty Amazon from ancient times. A visceral and impulsive queer illusionist, Bertrand Mandico casts his magic lantern on an imaginary pre-history, as well as some new little shops of horrors, rendered simultaneously in color and black-and-white.

Artistic & technical sheet


Elina Löwensohn (Rainer), Christa Theret (Conann 25 years old), Julia Riedler (Sanja), Claire Duburcq (Conann 15 years old), Sandra Parfait (Conann 35 years old), Agata Buzek (Conann 45 years old), Nathalie Richard (Conann 55 years old), Françoise Brion (Conann Queen), Audrey Bonnet (Cimère), Christophe Bier (Octavia)

Bertrand Mandico

Nicolas Eveilleau

Production design
Anna Le Mouel

Céline Bodson, Geoffrey Perrier, Simon Apostolou

Laure Saint-Marc

Pierre Desprats

Les Films Fauves (Luxembourg)
Gilles Chanial
+352 621 715 903

Ecce Films (France)
Emmanuel Chaumet
+33 1 42 58 37 14

Floréal Films (France)
Avi Amar


Novak Prod (Belgium)
Olivier Dubois

Orphée Films (France)
Antoine Garnier

Nanterre-Amandiers - Centre dramatique national (France)

foreign sales

UFO Distribution

French press
Karine Durance
+33 6 10 75 73 74

Album Conann

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