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Contra la Razon y por la Fuerza

Quinzaine 1974 | Feature film | 50 mn

The Latino-american vision of the Chilean tragedy. Faithful and passionate account of the heroism of a people in its most difficult hours. Its presentation has the strength of dialectic objectivity.
In this feature, the reasons of the people and the military are confronted with all the violence of the moment. The directors, because of their nationality and their language, are able to blend in the Chilean history with more ease and strength as participant than as simple witness.
It is impossible to describe the brutal way of the facts relation. The national stadium transformed into a concentration space. The only images known of President Allende’s house. Pablo Neruda’s wrecked house. The city at war. The residential district celebrating, as the slum is in mourning. Pinochet arguing his good faith, whereas the corpses’ silence that the camera shows is an answer that cannot be responded to.
Carlos Ortiz Tejeda

Artistic & technical sheet

Alexis Grivas, Angel Flores



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