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Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 112 min | Spain
World premiere

They’re a seemingly perfect couple. They just can’t manage to have sex anymore. While attempting to explain things to her partner, Mila reflects on her sexual awakening, from adolescence back to early childhood. No real defining trauma, no single key event, but an accumulation of humiliations, things unsaid and treated as taboo, filmed starkly and non-melodramatically by the actress-filmmaker. More than a psychoanalytical session, the film is an archaeological expedition into one person’s sexuality that is the experience of many. 

Artistic & technical sheet


Elena Martín Gimeno (Mila), Clàudia Malagelada (Mila), Clàudia Borràs (Mila), Oriol Pla (Marcel), Alex Brendemühl (Gerard), Clara Segura (Diana), Marc Cartanyà (Gerard), Carla Linares (Diana)

Elena Martín Gimeno, Clara Roquet

Alana Mejía González

Oriol Donat, Laia Casanova Leo Dolgan

Production design
Sylvia Steinbrecht

Ariadna Ribas (AMMAC)

Clara Aguilar

Vilaüt Films (Spain)
Ariadna Dot
+34 934 43 07 69 

Lastor Media (Spain)
Marta Cruañas
Tono Folguera
+34 934 430 769 

Elastica Films (Spain)
María Zamora
+34 619 97 45 97 

Avalon P.C. (Spain)
Stefan Schmitz
Emilia Fort
+34 913 66 43 64

S/B Films (United States)
Ella Bishop
Pau Surís
Jake Cheetham 

foreign sales

foreign press
The PR Factory
Barbara Van Lombeek
+32 486 54 64 80
Marie-France Dupagne
+32 477 62 67 70 

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