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Quinzaine 1997 | Feature film | 1 h 27

“Dakan” means destiny. This fiction film is a love story. It is set in a big African city in the present day. Manga and Sory are two boys of 20. They love one another as people can rarely love. Faced with this situation, their respective families must live up to their resposabilities and principles as self-respecting parents. But they have to take into account the calumny and gossip mongering of a society governed by taboos and social prohibitions. The choice between filial love and the confrontation with this society constitutes the dramatic climax of this story. The families fear a clash with their own milieu. The youngsters are alone and confused, their love sorely tried. Faced with a lack of comprehension, Manga and Sory, though passionately in love with one another, desperatly try to live by the norms of the society they live in. Separate they must, painfully, but separate they do. They part. Both find women…

Artistic & technical sheet

Aboubacar Touré
Cécile Bois
Kadé seck
Koumba Diakite
Mohamed Camara

Mohamed Camara

Gilberto Azevedo

Christine Charpail, Dominique Hennequin

Dos Santos

Elhadj Sory et Kandia Kouyate, Ensemble Symphonique Traditionnel National

Production :
Les Films du XXéme
35 rue du Retrait
75020 Paris
tél. : 01 43 15 97 10
fax : 01 43 15 97 15

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