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Der Kopf des Mohren

Quinzaine 1995 | Feature film | 1h56

Georg H. is a scientist, head of a testing lab. He finds pleasure in his job’s diversity. He had three children from his marriage with Anna: Jakob, Christina and Eva. They form a happy family. Is there a better protection against the stress of present times than success, health and a loving family?… A breakdown at a big chemical factory has lead to a tragedy, causing the death of several people. A lethal gas has escaped into the air, and specialists have been sent to secure the area and save the victims. At work, Georg hears the news on the radio. Although the accident only happened one and a half mile away from there, his colleagues don’t seem to feel concerned. For a second, Georg sees himself facing one of the victims of the tragedy. Sitting in his office, with her face pitted, she stares at him.

Artistic & technical sheet

Angela Winkler
Bert Oberdorfer
Gert Voss
Heinrich Herki
Leni Tanzer
Manuel Löffler
Margaretha Lejeune
Oana Solomonescu

Michael Haneke

Walter Kindler

Walter Amann

Michaël Hudecek, Marie Homolkova

Set decoration
Tommy Vögel

Production : Wega Film Produktionsgesellschaft mbH, Vienne, Autriche Vente à l'étranger : Wega Film