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Der Tod Der Maria Malibran

Quinzaine 1972 | Feature film | 104'

How on earth does one attempt to describe a movie like this? First, a caveat or two: do not go to this film expecting any sort of plot, or even coherent narrative; do not expect any information about Maria Malibran’s life, or even her death, for that matter (she died of complications from a horseback riding accident–one could never guess this from the film); do not expect any sense of what it is to be a singer, or any sense of opera as an art form; do not even expect to have any clear idea which face on the screen is supposed to be Maria Malibran. Perhaps the key is to experience this film « as a dream »…

Artistic & technical sheet

Anette Tissier
Candy Darling
Christine Kaufmann
Ingrid Caven
Magdalena Montezuma

Werner Schroeter

Prod : Sweites Deutsches Fernsehen c/o Werner Schroeter 8 Munchen 23 Kraepelinstrasse 63