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E pericoloso sporgersi

Quinzaine 1993 | Feature film | 1 h 43

“Proud country, a taste of young paradise”, Rumania, somewhere in the early Eighties, a little like our Fifties. Horiatu, the soldier, dreams about fucking. Cristina, still in high school, has nothing against it, but not before engagement. It’s a principle. But the day would-be actor Dino starts making moves at her, it’s a whole different story. Her glorious resistance doesn’t last very long. And that night, Dino is not particularly in top form… Three destinies told in three parts, where the same story is told from the point of view of one of the three characters, like in a comedy version of “Rashomon”, where all crimes and thefts are committed in the grip of sexual frustration. And when finally, our heroes go into action, they each cross their own frontier. It’s a quite risky move: one can cross the beautiful blue Danube and find himself in Yugoslavia. There are indeed days when one had better put up with the usual routine… Nicolae Caranfil


Giorgin Alexandru
Marius Stanescu
Natalie Bonifay


Nicolae Caranfil

Christian Comeaga

Anusavan Salamanian

Victorita Nae

Nicolae Caranfil & Anton Suteu

Set decoration
Gloria Papura

Production : Compagnie des Images, Paris, France Filmex : Roumanie Vente à l'étranger : Mainstream