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East Is East

Quinzaine 1999 | Feature film | 1h36

George Khan, proud Pakistani and chip shop owner – “Ghengis” to his kids – rules his family with a rod of iron. He thinks he’s raising his seven children to be respectable Muslims. But this is Salford in the North of England, in 1971. Much as George’s English wife, Ella, loves and tries to honour her husband, she also wants her kids to be happy. The children, caught between bell-bottoms and arranged marriages, simply want to be citizens of the modern world.

Artistic & technical sheet

Linda Bassett
Om Puri

Ayub Khan-DinAdapté de sa pièce

Brian Tufano

John Downer

Michael Parker

Deborah Mollison

Set decoration
Tom Conroy

Production : Leslee Udwin, Assassin Films, c/o FilmFour FilmFour vente à l’étranger : FilmFour International, 76-78 Charlotte Street, Londres W1P 1LX, Grande-Bretagne, Tél. : (44 171) 868 7700, Fax : (44 171) 868 7766


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