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Edipo Alcalde

Quinzaine 1996 | Feature film | 1 h 40

In this screenplay, Gabriel Garcia Marquez gives his contemporary version of Sophocle’s Oedipus Rex. He replaces the Greek tragedy in present day Colombia, where the violence takes on the same meaning as the Thebes plague in Sophocles work. Alike Oedipus in the Greek tragedy, the Mayor must punish Layo’s murderers. His investigation directs him to the numerous armed group that exist in Colombia: paramilitary groups, guerilleros, druglords’henchmen, legal army, etc… And as the antique play, Layo’s premonitory dream comes tue: Oedipius becomes his father’s murderer, his mother’s husband, and his brother’s father…

Artistic & technical sheet

Angela Molina
Francisco Rabal
Jairo Camargo
Jorge Martinez de Hoyos
Jorge Perugorria
Miriam Colon

Gabriel Garcia MarquezStella MalagonOrlando Sennad’après “Oedipe roi” de Sophocle

Rodrigo Pietro

miguel Sandoval

Sigfrido Barjau

Set decoration
Jose Luis Aguilar

PRODUCTION : Producciones Amaranta Eje 10 Sur, Pedro Henriquez Urena n° 395, Col. Santo Domingo, Coyoacan, Mexico D.F. 04369 Tél. : (52-5) 610 1171 Fax : (52-5) 610 1725 Grupo de Colombia Caracol Television Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografia Tabasco Films Sogetel VENTES A L’ETRANGER : Latina S.A. de C.V., Atletas N°2, Country Club, CP 04220 Mexico DF Tél. : (52-5) 689 3850 Fax : (52-5) 549 1820


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