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Filme de amor

Quinzaine 2003 | Feature film | 1H30mn

Three ordinary suburban friends, Hilda, Matilda and Gaspar, meet up one weekend in a tiny, not exactly chic downtown apartment to gossip, drink and take break from an otherwise mediocre daily grind. The three friends, in spite of their exceptional intelligence and sensivity are all short on cash, and let their imaginations soar. Unaware of what?s happening to them, they decide to live another life, a freer life, to exchange personalities for awhile and live outside of themselves.


Bel Garcia
Fernando Eiras
Josi Antello


Júlio Bressane, Rosa Dias

Walter Carvalho

Juarez Dagoberto

Virgínia Flores

Guilherme Vaz

Set decoration
Moa Batsow

Production et Ventes à l'étranger : Tarcisio Vidigal Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV Rua Capitao Salomao, 42.Humaita. RJ.Cep 22 271 040 Rio de Janeiro Brésil Tél : +55 21 2539 1538 Fax : +55 21 2266 3637 Coproductions : T.B Produções (Brésil)