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Quinzaine 1996 | Feature film | 1 h 30

1975, Rhodesia. The “chimurenga” (war of liberation) is hotting up. One night, a group of freedom fighters arrive in a small village where live Florence and her friend Nyasha, two fifteen year old girls, asking for volunteers. Florence, ambitious to marry, falls for their charismatic leader Comrade Danger she seems ready to follow. Nyasha is more sensitive to what the leader says. Florence’s father, frederik, forbids her to go. But the local store keeper settles a debt by denoncing him to the Rhodesian authorities. Police comes and drags Frederik away in a dawn raid on the village. This gives Florence the chance and the motivation to persuade Nyasha to join the Freedom Fighters. They leave home and make the long and dangerous journey across a war torn Rhodesia. Florence, more engaged into action, is making fun of Nyasha bookishness. And she seems to be right as she drags Nyasha through burning villages and across rivers to reach a military camp deep in the Mozambiquan bush…

Artistic & technical sheet

Dick Chinx Chingaira
Marian Kunonga
Moyce Matura
Normann Madawo
Ulla Mahaka

Ingrid SinclairB. JagoP. Roberts

Joao Costa

Faouzi Thabet

Elizabeth Moulinier

Philippe Roberts

Set decoration
Carine Tredgold

PRODUCTION : Black and White Film Co. 51 A Selous Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe Tél. : (263-4) 727 495 / 708 426 Fax : (263-4) 708 425 J.B.A. Productions (France) Onland Productions (Namibie) VENTE A L’ETRANGER Jeannie Seawell 45, rue Pierre Charon, 75008 Paris Tél. : 01 47 20 18 73 Fax : 01 47 20 15 43


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