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Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 119 min | Russian Federation
World premiere | Film in competition for the Caméra d'Or Award

In Russia, an introverted father and his teenage daughter live on the road in a van that contains their entire life, including the equipment for a travelling cinema: the source of their meager income. Povolotsky builds on the undeniable art of the long take, on both the scale of the imposing landscapes and the tight interior of their cramped vehicle. The nameless father and daughter rove around the extremities of their vast country, from south to north. On its margins, the pulse of independent drifters who endure and resist.

Artistic & technical sheet


Maria Lukyanova (daughter), Gela Chitava (father)

Ilya Povolotsky

Nikolay Zheludovich

Alexander Krotov, Andrey Dergachev

Production design
Zlata Kalmina, Elya Strezhenyuk, Olga Druzhinina

Aleksandr Kletsov, Ilya Povolotsky

Zurkas Tepla

Blackchamber (Russia)
Ivan Nechaev
Ilya Povolotsky

Album Grace

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