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Quinzaine 1993 | Feature film | 1 h 18

12-year-old Zsolt Balogh lives in utter loneliness with his grand-mother Bizsu. Confined in bed, the elderly woman was once a famous prima donna, but has now taken refuge inside her room, shutters down. Turner alcoholic, she needs to drink quite a lot to make it through the day. She won’t see anyone, except her grand-son, with whom she shares a modest flat in one of the most run-down districts of Budapest, by the Danube. The little boy spends most of his time wandering by the river, slipping from one secret place to other. One day, he meets a young pregnant girl , and soon becomes her friend and accomplice. But this friendship is about to spark off many jealous reactions and dramatic e

Artistic & technical sheet

Barnabas Toth
Dora Köves
Eszter Csakanyi
Hedi Temessy
Ilona Kallai
Mari Balog
Peter Andorai

Ildiko Szabo sur une idée de Zsuzsa Toth

Tamas Sas

György Pinter

Anna Kornis

Janos Masik

Set decoration
Ildiko Szabo, Tamas Sas

PRODUCTION : Hetfoi Muhely Studio Alapitvany Tag Traum Mozgoken Innovacios Tarsulas Fiatal Filmesek Studoja VENTE A L’ETRANGER : Cinepool


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