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Hol Volt, Hol Nem Volt

Quinzaine 1987 | Feature film | 1h37

A few weeks before the birth of my first son, I was shattered to discover that a Hungarian law still stipulated that a fictitious father must be found for any children born « of an unknown father ». What happens if one day a child, for whatever reason, wants to meet his « father » ? And the civil servant who has to invent as many characters a year as are contained in a Balzac novel, how does he contend with his conscience ? This film is to be recommanded to any person who has ever been moved, even once, by the sight of a lonely child. Gyula Gazdag

Artistic & technical sheet

Arpad Vermes
Eszter Csakanyi
Frantisek Husak
Maria Varga

Gyula Gazdag, Miklos Gyorffy

Elemer Riglayi

Gyorgy Fek

Julia Sivo

Istvan Martha

Production : Mafilm, Objektiv Studio, Budapest, Hongrie Vente à l'étranger : Hungarofilm, Budapest, Hongrie