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I Nostri anni

Quinzaine 2001 | Feature film | 1h30

Alberto and Natalino are two old men who were partisan fighters in Piedmont during the war. Silurino was another fighter, but he fell victim to the black brigades. Natalino still lives in the mountains, in an old uninhabited village, but Alberto, a widower, spends the summer in a boarding house, where he makes friends with Umberto, an old man confined to a wheelchair. Slowly but surely, all the old memories return to the surface in all their dramatic intensity… « This movie develops from the experiences of people who participated in the liberation war against the Nazis. Events forced these people to act older than their age; in fact, the characters reached old age in the prime of their youth. Every feeling, past and present, corresponds to a different visual construction. The technical approach also parallels the characters’ journey to reclaim their old friendship, their lost youth and ultimately, the meaning of life. » (Daniele Gaglianone)

Artistic & technical sheet

Giuseppe Boccalatte
Piero Franzo
Virgilio Biei

Daniele Gaglianone, Giaime Alonge

Gherardo Gossi

Giuseppe Napoli

Luca Gasparini

Massimo Miride, Giuseppe Napoli, Monica Affatato, Daniele Gaglianone

Set decoration
Valentina Ferroni

Production :
Gianluca Arcopinto
via Luca della Robbia 22
00153 Rome, Italie
tél. : (39 06) 574 5004
fax : (39 06) 575 5242 

Vente à l'’étranger :

Presse :
Olivia Alighiero
Flavia Schiavi
Studio Punto e Virgola
tél. / fax : (39 06) 3938 8909


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