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I Photographia

Quinzaine 1987 | Feature film | 1h42

Ilyas Apostolou is 26. He arrives in France in 1971 (year IV of the Greek Dictatory). He is taken in by a distant cousin, Gerassimos Tzivar an illiterate bachelot. Of what sin is Ilyas guilty and what god has he offended, when he puts in his wallet a few days before leaving Greece, together with Gerassimos address, the photo of a popular local singer he had found on the pavement a few days earlier? This one small act will lead to a series of events which will follow each other, beyond his will, until another act is accomplished, a monstrous act, and which will appear as the obvious conclusion of the first act. Was it because of an unattainable dream whose impertinence deserved to be sanctioned: returning to the native village one summer day, after having « wiped out poverty », driving a large car, second-hand maybe, triumphantly announced by the voice of this same singer, heard on a tape bellowing from the car? Nico Papatakis

Artistic & technical sheet

Aris Retsos
Christos Tsangas
Christos Valavanidis
Despina Tomazani
Zozo Zarpa

Nico Papatakis

Aris Stavrou, Arnaud Desplechin

Thanassis Georgiadis, Alexis Pezas

Delphine Desfons

Christodoulos Chalaris

Set decoration
Nikos Meletopoulos

Production : Greek Film Center, Athènes, Grèce Vente à l'étranger : Centre du Cinéma Grec et les Films du Volcan


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