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J'ai vu le visage du diable

I Saw the Face of the Devil

Quinzaine 2023 | Short film | 36 min | France
World premiere

In a small town in northern Poland, 18-year-old Majka is convinced that she is possessed. She decides to rely on the skills of a local priest to expel the demon, which doesn’t stop her from jokingly referencing William Friedkin’s The Exorcist with her best friend. The exorcism sessions are no less staggering than the iconic film.

Artistic & technical sheet


Maria Wróbel (Majka), Wojciech Skibiński (Marek Rogala)

Julia Kowalski

Simon Beaufils

Olivier Pelletier, Olivier Dandré, Olivier Goinard

Isabelle Manquillet

Daniel Kowalski

Venin Films (France)
Flavien Giorda & Yann Gonzalez
+33 6 07 16 82 49

foreign sales
Venin Films

Venin Films

French press
Karine Durance
+33 6 10 75 73 74

Album J'ai vu le visage du diable

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