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In Flames

Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 98 min | Canada, Pakistan
World premiere | Film in competition for the Caméra d'Or Award

After the respected head of family dies in Karachi, his widow and her daughter Mariam, a student, are confronted head-on with the violence and abuse of noxious and unsparring patriarchy. While the film’s argument could have stuck to the psychological and sociological, In Flames goes a step further, with accents of fantasy and horror. The film’s baroque morbidity is not a simple allegory but an explicit depiction: yes, the condition of Pakistani women in an empire of darkness is the stuff of horror films.


Ramesha Nawal (Mariam), Bakhtawar Mazhar (Fariha), Omar Javaid (Asad), Mohammad Ali Hashmi (Saleem), Adnan Shah Tipu (Uncle Nasir), Jibraan Khan (Bilal)


Zarrar Kahn

Aigul Nurbulatova

Bret Killoran

Production design
Matti Malik

Craig Scorgie, Zarrar Kahn

Kalaisan Kalaichelvan

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Screenings in Cannes

Théâtre Croisette - 05/19/2023  8.30am

Théâtre Croisette - 05/19/2023 4.30pm

Cinéma Le Raimu - 05/20/2023 10.00am

Cinéma Les Arcades / Salle 1 - 05/20/2023 11.30am

Cinéma La Licorne - 05/20/2023 2.00pm

Cinéma Alexandre III - 05/20/2023 4.30pm

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