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In Our Day

Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 84 min | Korea, Republic of
World premiere

In Seoul, two alternating conversations: an actress is solicited by an amateur; an old poet hosts a fan. The two stars dodge the existential questions of their guests with food, alcohol, guitar playing and naps, games with a cat and rock, paper, scissors. The actress is thinking of giving up her career; the poet is struggling with alcohol and tobacco withdrawal. With the compact eloquence of a haiku, In Our Day invites us to look at what is most important and what makes each day of our lives matter.

Artistic & technical sheet


Ki Joobong (Uiju), Kim Minhee (Sangwon), Song Sunmi (Jungsoo), Park Miso (Jisoo), Ha Seongguk (Jaewon), Kim Seungyun (Kijoo)

Hong Sangsoo

Hong Sangsoo

Hong Sangsoo

Production design
Hong Sangsoo

Hong Sangsoo

Hong Sangsoo

majority production
Jeonwonsa Film Co. (South Korea)
Hong Sangsoo

foreign sales
Finecut Co., Ltd.
+82 256 98 777  

international press
Finecut Co., Ltd.
Saejeong Kwak
+82 10 3604 1721  

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