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J’ai horreur de l’amour

Quinzaine 1997 | Feature film | 2 h 14

Paris in August. A woman in pants suit and high heels rides a scooter around the city’s 13th arrondissement – meet Annie Simonin, general practitioner, who’s making her house calls. Annie Simonin confronts reality with pluck. As a doctor, she must deal with the harrassment of a dangerous hypocondriac, Richard Piotr, and the passivity of young Laurent Blondel, who is HIV positive. And when things really get tough, she desperatly seeks answers to her problems both in her real life and in her dreams. Yes, how can she get rid of a hypocondriac who is convinced she has contaminated him ? She can always dream she’s gotten rid of him, but he’s very much alive, and won’t leave her alone ; he even goes so far as to threaten her life. Powerless, she appeals to psychiatry, the police and even goes to see a retired professionnal killer. When Laurent Blondel tries to talk to her because he’s been wondering how to keep living in a world where there’s no more place for love and desire, she doesn’t have any answers. Little does she know that he will be the source of her salvation…

Artistic & technical sheet

Alexandra London
Bruno Lochet
Eric Savin
Jean-Quentin Chatelain
Jeanne Balibar
Laurent Lucas
Luc Moullet
Patrick Catalifo

Laurence Ferreira Barbosa, Denyse Rodriguez Tomé

Emmanuel Machuel

Philippe Morel

Emmanuelle Castro

Set decoration
Yves Fournier

PRODUCTION : Gemini Films 73, rue Saint Denis, 75001 Paris Tél. : 01 40 39 03 75 Fax : 01 42 33 12 13 France 2 Cinéma Canal + Le Centre National de la Cinématographie VENTE A L’'ETRANGER : Marie Boudier, Gemini Films


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