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James ou pas

Quinzaine 1970 | Feature film | 80'

As he sets off for the countryside outside Geneva, taxi-driver Hector hears a gunshot and notices a shadowy figure slipping away from the scene. His next passenger is James, who needs to go to the airport to pick up his girlfriend Eva. Once they’ve done this, Hector suggests taking them to his home, where he lets Eva seduce him. James is later found dead in a field and Eva disappears. Hector wonders whether he was actually an unwitting witness to James’ death the day before. Even if all this seems like a strange dream, it might well be reality.

Artistic & technical sheet

Harriet Ariel
Jean-Luc Bideau
Serge Niconoff

Prod. Groupe 5 Alain Tanner rue Carteret 7 Genève


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