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Quinzaine 1997 | Feature film | 1 h 18

Sandra has had a morbid fascination with death since she was a little girl. So much that she takes a job in a local funeral parlor, managed by the troubled Mr Wallis. So begins her initiation into the funeral industry and the closed world of undertakers. While studying embalming at the library one day, she meets Matt, a medical student. Matt makes a play for Sandra’s affections, only to find that her passion for death exceeds any love she might feel for him.

Artistic & technical sheet

James Timmons
Jay Brazeau
Jessie Winter Mudie
Joe Maffei
Molly Parker
Nathasha Morley
Peter Outergridge

Angus Fraser, Lynne Stopkewich

Gregory Middleton

Marti Richa, Susan Taylor

John Pozer, Peter Roeck, Lynne Stopkewich

Donald Mac Donald

Set decoration
Eric McNab

PRODUCTION : Boneyard Film Co., #100-3737 Oak Street, Vancouver BC, V6H 2M4 Tél. : (1-604) 734 2063 Fax : (1-604) 734 9273 VENTE A L’ETRANGER : lakeshore International 5555, Melrose Avenue, Gloria Swanson Bldg, Los Angeles, CA 90038 Tél. : (1-213) 956 4222 Fax : (1-213) 862 1456


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