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La Historia Me Absolvera

Quinzaine 1977 | Feature film | 2h34

As a filmmaker and a journalist specialized in Latin-American issues, I had felt a need for several years to make a film in which Fidel Castro himself would relate the story of the Cuban revolution. A great number of books and other information, usually critical and polemical, ae available to foreigners, but almost always written by outside observers. I felt that it would be also interesting to hear (and show) what Fidel Castro had to say about it. The military aid Cuba gave to Angola, once again brought up this delicate subject and strengthened my desire to make this film. Fidel Castro was to come to Sweden if the social-democrates had not lost the elections. The Swedish Television TV2 was already interested in this project and offered to produce the film : this was my chance. I went to Cuba and asked Fidel if he would speak about the Cuban issue in front of the cameras. He enthusiastically accepted. Gaetano PAGANO

Artistic & technical sheet

Anders Ribbsjö

Dick Idestam-Almquist

Dick Idestam-Almquist

Production : SVERIGES RADIO AB - TV2 (Lena Wenuberg)


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