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Le Mari de Léon

Quinzaine 1993 | Feature film | 1 H 34

Adapted from Frederic Dard-San Antonio’s bestseller, it is the tragi-comic chronicle of a passionate friendship between Boris Lassef, a brilliant unbearable and tyrannical actor and director, and Léon Yvrard, his confidant and workhand, his indispensable slave and clever plotter who is in love with him. This terrifying pair, who acts in the theatre world but who is present in every sphere of the high society, is going to be broken by Nadège, Léon’s sister-in-law, a little and terrible teenager who will manage to triumph over Léon and marry Boris, the star, thanks to her devastating mischievousness and determination.


Brigitte Hansen
Dora Dol
Jean-Pierre Mocky
Laura Grandt
Pascale Roberts
Serge Riaboukine


Jean-Pierre Mocky, adapté du roman de Frédéric Dard, "Le Mari de Léon"

Edmond Richard

Louis Gimel

Jean-Pierre Mocky

Vladimir Cosma

Set decoration
Clorinde Méry

PRODUCTION : Kaola Films Lonely Pictures VENTE A L'ETRANGER : Bibly 3000 Perrine Tézé Ciby Sales