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Lebedyne Ozero -Zona

Quinzaine 1990 | Feature film | 1H36

From a letter to a friend, marko Stech. marko, my friend, As you undoubtedly know, the art of cinema has no appropriate rendering in the verbal realm of expression. Such in the case with any form of visuel art. Hence, my subjugated mind seeks remedy in an image. An image is wiser than a word because it always represents a prophecy that has not as yet bound itself with words. I made this film because it was impossible for me not to have made it. it is about escape – about a prisonner. I myself have always felt a prisoner in a vast zone, together with my entire nation. Escape is the last, desperate hope. Such is also an escape into art. Sincerely. Yuri Illienko

Artistic & technical sheet

Liudmyla Yefymenko
Maya Bulhakova
Pylyp Illienko
Victor Demertash
Victor Solovyov

Serguei Paradjanov, Yuri Illienko

Yuri Illienko

Bohdan Mikhnevych, Film House

Eleonora Summovska

Virko Baley

Set decoration
Oleksandr Danylenko

Production : Video ukraine Inc. et Kobza international Corp. au Canada Vente à l'étranger : Cinéphile Ltd au canada


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