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L’Economie des sentiments

Quinzaine 1975 | Short film | 5 mn

Education in social life is expected to teach culture and good manners. But here it is simply described as individual confrontations, in order to finally get the « just reward » of one’s actions. The pocket money the girl will have to use correctly, she earns it by submitting herself (and that she perfectly understands) as absolutely as possible to her father’s desire, while still following good manners. All that the father wishes is to make her fully understand the principles of the « free enterprise » economy – principles which, applied to the extreme through the fantasies of one of his followers, lead to the perfect prostitution – all of it behind the front of fatherly feelings. Daniel JOUANISSON

Artistic & technical sheet

Madelin Trinon
Odile Mumardeau

Daniel Jouanisson

Daniel Jouanisson

Production : Z PRODUCTION