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Légendes Vivantes

Quinzaine 1988 | Feature film | 1h05

The stone-cutter, Nasdika, transforms stones into works of art. The labourer, Ivané, harvests wheat in the field. The monk, Béka, paints his pictures in the convent cell. The nobleman, Kirilé, has decided to get married. The war started by enemies turns all these people into warriors. Living Legends is a parable, a hymn to the glory of the georgian people, enamoured of freedom and independence, whose most worthy sons have never hesitated to die in the name of the glorious future of their country. Nodar Managadze


Djemal Moniava
Témo Djaparidzé
Témour Tchkheidzé
Zourab Kapianidzé


Erlom Akhvlediani, Nodar Managadze, David Djavakhichvili

Nougzar Erkomaichvili

Nodar Gabounia

Production : Studios Grouzia Film Vente à l'étranger : Sovexport, Paris, France