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Quinzaine 2023 | Feature film | 119 min | France, Italy, Portugal
World premiere

A sumptuous estate in the north of Portugal deserted by its heirs is now home only to a bigoted elderly housekeeper. As she carries out her household chores punctiliously, she is assisted by Ana, whose laborer husband has gone to work in France, leaving her and their restless teenage daughter behind. Légua examines the disappearance of an old order left behind by its masters, whose last loving guardians are servants caught between the passivity they know and the reappropriation of a heritage they understand better than those who hired them. 

Artistic & technical sheet


Carla Maciel (Ana), Fátima Soares (Emília), Vitória Nogueira da Silva (Mónica), Sara Machado (Sofia), Paulo Calatré (Victor), Manuel Mozos (Guilherme)

João Miller Guerra, Filipa Reis, Sara Morais, José Filipe Costa, Letícia Simões

Vasco Viana

Benoît Guérineau, Benoït Gargonne, Johann Nallet

Luísa Homem

Ricardo Jacinto, Hypogeo

Production design
Marco Ascanio Viarigi

Uma Pedra no Sapato (Portugal)
Rachel Daisy Ellis
Filipa Reis
+351 211913524  

Laranja Azul (Portugal)
Catarina Mourão

KG Productions (France)
Alexandre Gavras

Stayblack Productions (Italy)
Jon Coplon 

foreign sales
ventes internationales

international press
The PR Factory
Barbara Van Lombeek
+32 486 54 64 80

Marie-France Dupagne
+32 477 62 67 70       

Album Légua

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