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L’Enfant noir

Quinzaine 1995 | Feature film | 1 h 32

An initiatory tale, this film is a story of exile, the story experienced by any man separated from his childhood. At Kouroussa, his native village, among his father, Madou, the King of mechanics, Kouda, his gentle mother, and his group of friends, Baba learns to live in harmony with the surrounding world. The unexpected arrival of a gold merchant disrupts this fragile balance. Actually, Baba is old enough to move to the capital to take up his studies. He sets off on a trip through Guinea and ends up at his uncle Moussa’s place in Conakry. There, he is sucked into the spiral of urban life and crashes headlong into the modern world and its violence…

Artistic & technical sheet

Baba Camara
Madou Camara
Moussa Keita

Laurent Chevalier, d’après le roman de Laye Camara, “L’Enfant noir"

Amar Arhab

Olivier Schwob

Ange-Marie Revel

Momo Wandel Soumah

Set decoration
Yan Arzaud

Production : Rhéa Productions, Paris, France Distribution en France : Les Films du Paradoxe, Bois-Colombe